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Part of what enthralls me about Coffee Marble is how much they provoke my imagination, similar to the way that fluffy clouds do. I see a dragon spewing its fire breath down onto an unseen village below. What do you see? Contax 645 | 80mm f/2 | Portra 400NC


Needs a source.


The Brooklyn Bridge in Letterpress Type by Cameron Moll.

I came to late here, but is still worth to see it. Cameron Moll is a designer worked in Illustrator to draw a complete photograph of the Brooklyn Bridge made only with Typography. To make this beautiful work a reallity printed Cameron Molls made a kickstarter campaign to reach $10k to pay the cost of letterpress print. The campaign was very successful and he got $64k. Pretty impressive. 

A breeze stirred somewhere; I heard the shiver of the treetops, the sweepings of approaching debris across the carpark, then saw the wind catch and embroider and then divide the rising column of smoke, two fingers which briefly tangled, as if crossing index and middle, before joining again in a smooth column rising upwards into the blue.

Peter Goldsworthy, from Wish (via hourglasss)

And I’m back. #ohsweetcalifornia #malibu (at El Matador State Beach)

Landing. (at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX))

How to kill 7 hours of layover time: eat, read 500 pages of a book, and watch the sun set. #traveltips #bookworm #zenandtheartofmotorcyclemaintenance (at 臺灣桃園國際機場第二航廈 Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 2)

Flying back to Lalaland

Last day with them til the winter. Cake party with the fam. 🍰😋#cheesecakeismine

I need. (at 長野県)

Travelin’ with my pops on the bullet train. #bluejeans #traintrip #summerdays #latergram (at Shin-Yokohama Station)