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Reunited with this cutie.
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Then this pelican posed for everyone for about 10 minutes. He was lovin’ it. #pelican #paparazzi #redondo (at Redondo Pier)

Saturday brunch at The Original Pancake House. Eating the giant Apple Pancake and the Dutch Baby. Delicious!
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How I like my fall.
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Love this | nymag


Love this | nymag


We got to Joshua Tree later than planned, it was my fault, I didn’t check the map, and we had to re-route, which added an extra hour to the drive. We were losing light, but were both somehow strangely calm and unhurried. With the windows down, and only the sound of the warm desert air whipping our faces, we continued on. When we finally entered the park, we pulled over, jumped out of the car, and just ran. I’ve been to Joshua Tree three times now, but each time feels like the first. I am instantly transported to a place of awestruck wonder, a child who couldn’t possibly open her eyes wide enough to grasp the enormity of the landscape.  The sunlight beaming down through the clouds, ricocheting off of the mountains and the rocks and those funny looking little trees, and the silence. I always forget how deafeningly quiet it is out there, and how much the silence startles me. 

We shot until long after the sun had dipped beneath the skyline, and I left the desert with a greater understanding of what love is. Love is the gracious and costly offering of yourself (heart, mind, soul, strength) for the sake of another person. Love is loud enough to fill the silence, love is calm, love leads joy. This is love.

If nobody noticed, I’ve been reliving last week all week long. 🚕🚕 #ParkAvenue
#nyc #NYNY #newyork (at Seagram Building)

At the #GlobalCitizen Festival with 60,000 people to take action against extreme poverty on the Great Lawn in #CentralPark, last weekend.
People like the prime minister of Norway, of India, the Secretary General of the UN, the president of the World Bank showed up and came to voice their support.
And I got to see Carrie Underwood, No Doubt, Sting, Fun, & Jay-Z and Beyoncé perform. It was an amazing amazing experience. @Glblctzn #nyc #takeaction (at Central Park)

From the #HighLine
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Missing this place already.
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Cheesecake with Huckleberry Sauce | Delightfully Tacky

The one and only.
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