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Missed this view. #nyc (at Refinery Rooftop)

Me and Fernanda, the #Kipling gorilla are en route to NYC! Oh, and someone else too 😗 (at Denver International Airport)

According to legend, there is a dragon at the top of City Hall. And I’m going to go save him. 🔥 (at Grand Park)

#DTLA 🐥 (at Los Angeles Public Library)

A Thank You Letter

A Thank You Letter

One can never live in the past, yet the past is never abandoned. It is embodied in every movement, in the ways we walk, in the ways our fingers reach out and our hands hold, in the ways we look at another.

It is the reason our breaths catch when we gaze across the water into the sun-drenched edge of the sky, it is the reason behind our choice to walk down this street and not the next, it is the…

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I guess this place isn’t half bad. #yesterday (at Los Angeles, California)

You were home
before you even knew me.

I saw you and knew
that everything I held
close to me would fit
perfectly into your corners.

Pavana पवन  (via maza-dohta)

We ate goldfish for class. #sustainability #tragedyofthecommons

Good morning. | Sunday 7:30 AM. (at Will Rogers State Beach)

Wherever I am, you are always in my heart. #neverforget

Colors @hammer_museum. #art #museumday #abstract #lastweekend (at Hammer Museum)

Looks like a blown up magazine cutout but it’s all oil paint. #art #museumday #lastweekend @hammer_museum (at Hammer Museum)